Reduce Anxiety by eating these 15 magical food. 


Add these  in your daily food intake and see the magic.. it will definitely reduce anxiety.. I have tried  most of them myself.. and felt the difference… Good luck.

  1. Chamomile
  2. Salmon Dark
  3. Green tea
  4. Yogurt
  5. Banana
  6. Turkey
  7. Eggs
  8. Oats
  9. China seeds
  10. Chocolate
  11. Blue berries
  12. Citrus fruit
  13. Almonds
  14. Bell peppers
  15. turmeric

Dealing with the person who has NPD. (Narcissistic Personality Disorder.) Hoovering technique.

Sorry I am writing this post after so long. During last few moths i was super busy. One of my friend is suffering from NPD n just to help him and his family I read many books and have seen many videos regarding narcissist. Here I mention one of the techniques used by Narcissists to get his prey back. Hope this series will help many of you to understand NPD. In next post I will post some helpful YouTube links regarding narcissist personality disorder.

What is hoovering?

Hoovering is a technique that is named after the Hoover vacuum cleaner, and is used by Narcissists (and other manipulative people) in order to “suck” their victims back into a relationship with them. Hoovering is often done after the silent treatment is given or the victim has left them. This behaviour often starts off subtle and unassuming, and is done through voicemail, text messages, email, phone calls, notes, other people, or through any other form of possible communication with the victim. Because the Narcissist knows the victim’s weak spots, they will generally tend to target these areas in order to reopen communication.

Once communication is reopened, the Narcissist generally promises change–which never, ever happens for any length of time. They just want you back for their narcissist supply. Once their needs fulfill they again discard you. If you are having any narcissist relative, friend or you are married to narcissist – just be careful, be strong n try to keep distance from them. They are like vampires they suck all your energy and positivity and discard you when you are no more useful to them.

Useful Business Acronyms and Abbreviations

ABC – always be closing
ASAP – as soon as possible
B2B – business to business
B2C – business to consumer
CAD – computer aided design
CEO – chief executive officer
CFO – chief financial officer
CIO – chief investment officer/chief information officer
CMO – chief marketing officer
COO – chief operating officer
CTO – chief technology officer
DOE – depending on experiment
EBITDA – earning before interests, taxes, depreciation and amortization
EOD – end of day/end of discussion
ERP – enterprise resource planning (business management software that a company can use to store and manage data from every stage of business)
ESOP – employee stock ownership plan
ETA – estimated time of arrival
FYI – for your information
HTML – hypertext mark-up language
IPO – initial public offering
ISP – internet service provider
KPI – key performance indicators
LLC – limited liability company
MILE – maximum impact, little effort
MOOC – massive open online course
MSRP – manufacturer’s suggested retail price
NDA – non-disclosure agreement
NOI – net operating income
NRN – no reply necessary
OTC – over the counter
PR – public relations
QC – quality control
R & D – research and development
RFP – request for proposal
ROI – return on investment
RRP – recommended retail price
SEO – search engine optimization
SLA – service level agreement
VAT – value added tax
VPN – virtual private network

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Online support from CBSE, India.

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Why walking is great for your Health?

If you are new to the world of exercising, walking is the best form. You will not feel the pain of working out, yet lose weight. But do not expect a drastic weight-loss, because walking doesn’t ensure you that.

If you are looking out for an exercise that will shape your body, especially the lower half, there is nothing better than walking. Continue reading

NAFLD/AFLD / Fatty Liver Disease



Hello everyone… I am back again after many days… Recently my sister  was diagnosed with the  fatty liver disease and she is very  much worried about it… so I searched about it  and whatever helpful things I got online that I am sharing here..At the end of the article I put some Youtube links related to fatty liver which i think will be helpful to you…First of all

1.What   is    NAFLD?

           Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

2. What is fatty liver disease?

           The cells of the liver accumulate abnormally increased amounts of fat is called Fatty Liver  condition.

  • Alcoholic fatty liver :- excessive consumption of alcohol is a very common cause of fatty liver.
  • Non alcoholic fatty liver disease :-  there is another form of fatty liver, in which alcohol has been excluded as a cause.

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is a manifestation of an abnormality of metabolisim within the liver.

Work of Liver :- The liver is an important organ in the metabolisim and handling of fat. The liver makes and exports fat to other parts of the body. It also removes fat from the blood that has been released by other tissues in the body.

In non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, the handling of fat by liver cells is disturbed.

Reason :- Increased amounts of fat are removed from the blood and/or are produced by liver cells, and not enough is disposed of or exported by the cells. As a result, fat accumulates in the liver.

Two Types of Fatty Liver :-  Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is classifiedas Isolated Fatty liver or IFL or NonAlcoholic SteatoHepatitis (NASH). In both isolated fatty liver and NASH there is an abnormal amount of fat in the liver cells, but, in addition, in NASH there is inflammation within the liver, and, as a result, the liver cells are damaged, they die, and are replaced by scar tissue.

HERE some useful links from youtube…


Causes   of Neck Pain


  •       Spinal Tumor
  •       Unusual Sleep Position
  •       Neck Strain     
  •       Herniated Disk
  •        Bone Spurs
  •         Degenerative Disk Disease
  •        ‘Text Neck’ Syndrome
  •         Spinal Stenosis

Risk Factors For High Blood Pressure

Hi everyone.I m writing today after a long time .. I am trying to provide information regarding High Blood Pressure  as from  last couple of days I m searching  n reading many things regarding it as my sister got  very high blood pressure  and after taking medicines  she is unable to control it. So today I have gathered the info about risk factors of For high Blood Pressure. They are as under…

  • Stress. High levels of stress can lead to a temporary increase in blood pressure. If you try to relax by eating more, using tobacco or drinking alcohol, you may only increase problems with high blood pressure.
  • Certain chronic conditions. Certain chronic conditions also may increase your risk of high blood pressure, such as kidney disease, diabetes and sleep apnea.
  • Drinking too much alcohol. Having more than two drinks a day for men and more than one drink a day for women may affect your blood pressure.Heavy drinking can damage your heart.
  • Too little potassium in your diet. Potassium helps balance the amount of sodium in your cells. If you don’t get enough potassium in your diet , you may accumulate too much sodium in your blood.
  • Too much salt / sodium  in your diet. Too much sodium/salt  in your diet can increase B.P
  • Too little vitamin D in your diet.Vitamin D may affect an enzyme produced by your kidneys that affects your blood pressure.
  • Using tobacco.  smoking or chewing tobacco immediately raise your blood pressure, but the chemicals in tobacco can damage the artery walls. This can makes your arteries narrow which  increasing your blood pressure.
  • Family history. If  any one in your family have  BP then there might be more chances for you to have High blood pressure .
  • Not being physically active. People who are inactive or lazy increased their chances for High blood pressure . Lack of physical activity also increases the risk of being obesity.
  • Age. As your age increases your risk for getting higher blood pressure increase.  High blood pressure is more common in  Middle age around or after  45 in Men and in  Women around  or  after age 65.
  • Race. High blood pressure is more  common among blacks comparing to  whites. Generally Serious complications, such as stroke, heart attack and kidney failure,  are  common in blacks.
  • Being overweight or obese.  Overweight people need more blood  to supply oxygen and nutrients to their tissues which results in higher blood pressure.

Hope I will be back with more info about it and some home remedies to control it. Till Then b calm n enjoy  every situation with sportsmanship…